Financial Management System (FMS)
MMSA FMS trimmed

Local governments are seeking to improve efficiency and citizen services while reducing the capital investment and organizational challenges of modernizing and maintaining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The Financial Management System (FMS) Program provides ERP software “out of the box”, designed for local government organizations. 

The development of the FMS software is the result of a collaboration between the Authority and the FMS Project Team. Their work highlighted nearly 4,000 specifications for an ERP system. The results of this collaboration are summarized in Best Practices for Michigan Local Government Business Process.

Ultimately the Authority and the FMS Project Team selected CGI Advantage, to develop an ERP solution based on their specifications. The FMS Project Team determined that it meets more than 90% of the specifications based on the best practices outlined in their research. The result of this process is a comprehensive governmental financial management and human resources software system to help standardize business processes for local units of government. 

The CGI Advantage ERP suite includes:

  • Financial management to provide organization-wide accountability through consistent accounting rules across all financial transactions.
  • Performance budgeting to automate the budgeting process for better planning to improve financial and operational performance.
  • Human resource management to streamline the HR and payroll process from hire to retire, including online recruiting, timekeeping and employee self-service.
  • Procurement to automate purchasing via catalog-based ordering and paperless approval processes that link directly to the government accounting system
  • Business intelligence to unlock data quickly for more effective decisions and increased measurement of key performance indicators

The FMS program is open to any local government in Michigan and the Authority is responsible for marketing the system and recruiting participants.

Virtual Health and Wellness Marketplace (VHWM)

The Virtual Health and Marketplace (VHWM) offers benefits, compensation and human resources consulting, provided by Segal Consulting, as well as benefits administration solutions provided by Benefits Express. This includes:

  • Online benefits enrollment system
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) administration
  • COBRA administration